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Sp fun day report


I would like to say thank you to James M0ZZO for organization the days fun and also anyone else that helped, I had a good day on TW-004 and sorry I missed you Ian G7ADF I did hear you but like one or two I just could not get back to you after the event as the prop did go at my end.

Bill and Steve on SP-009 was the strongest with me 59 the other guy’s on SP-002,005,007,012 was 55 008 was 54, at least I got six for the chaser log.

Well hopefully I intend to go to the Lakes this weekend if things work out OK will be staying at Chapel Farm Campsite just through Rosthwaite in Borrowdale, I will be doing Blencathra,and two others which I have not sorted out as yet but will post on SOTAwatch before I go.

The weather for the weekend in the Lakes doesn’t look to bad but then you never know, OK thanks again for the points and hopefully more at the weekend and any ideas for others in that area would be greatfull.

Have done Skiddaw,High Raise,Dale Head and Robinson.

Terry de G0VWP

PS. Will call into the Borrowdale Hotel Mike for a beer.


In reply to G0VWP:
Hi Terry - Grizedale Pike (6) & Grassmoor (8) make a nice “pair”. You can park in the free forest enterprise carparks on the South side of the road on the summit of Whinlatter pass near Braithwaite. They give superb views over Keswick etc.
Steve G1INK.


In reply to G1INK:

Hi Steve
Well you must have been reading my mind and I decided to do them two on Saturday doing Grasmoor 1st then Grisedale 2nd and back to car and Blencathra Sunday.

I was thinking of doing it from Braithwaite along Coledale Beck over the ford near the dis mine up to Coledale Hause then up to Grasmoor back down up to Grisedale and then take the route back along Sleet How.

I know its longer that way or is it better from the woods as there is no path as such?

Was up that way last year nice walk.
Terry G0VWP


Jimmy and myself did this pair in 2005.


We used the car park at the Whinlatter Forest and walked straight up G/LD-015 from there, then beyond and across to G/LD-009. The return meant a revisit over G/LD-015 and back to the car park. Next time, if we can crack on a bit, we should be able to continue up the other side of the Whinlatter Forest and do G/LD-033 as well for a three summit day.


In reply to G0VWP:
Terry there`s a decent path up the “ridge” of Grizedale Pike as viewed from the A66 as you pass Blencathra, in fact the path is so prominent as to be visible. The good thing about starting on Whinlatter is you already have 300 odd metres of elevation. I did the same as Tom & activated G.P. a 2nd time on the way back. Word of warning - steer clear of the visitor centre car park on the North of the pass - £4.00 parking fee.


In reply to G1INK:
I was thinking of parking were Tom M1EYP says’s at NY 207245 never been up that road before but I am a member of The National Trust so will look out for there car parks as well.
And as you say you have 300m of elevation to begin with but a steep climb when you get out of the woods and there is no path on the map I use memory-map on the comp I got them last year at the Outdoor Show when I was with John GW4BVE, the path you see from the A66 is the one that I was on lsat year runs up Sleet How from Brithwaite.

I may do G/LD-033 as well if the legs will let me as Tom said it will be three day summit worth doing thats if I get the contacts last time on G.P. only got one but then that was on a week day and it was a last min job but this time it will be on the alerts.

Terry G0VWP


I too found 2m FM contacts hard to come by on Grisedale Pike. There is plenty of bigger stuff screening you around there. Fingers crossed that some amateurs are monitoring in Workington, Whitehaven, Carlisle and Lockerbie!


In reply to M1EYP:

I know most of the contacts up that way do come from Workington and the others you say Tom.

I was just looking on the memory-map zoomed in and found a path from the Hospital Plantation Wood near the 527 contour NY 209230 its only faint on the map but joins the Sleet How path just below G.P.

I’ve put G/LD-033 on my lits Tom if the legs are up for it will do the three.

Terry G0VWP