SP/BZ-019 activation and mistake

I’d like to apologise for today’s confusion:/ I had some problems with my phone. After I had restarted it( and the rucksack radio tool as well) , the application did not set my summit reference automatically based on my location, but instead returned to the previously activated sp/bz-073. I didn’t notice that and sent the spot: /. Don corrected my mistake(thanks), however he made a mistake in my callsign (should be SQ9OJN, not SQ9OZN). All the chasers who had a qso with me today should change the summit reference to SP/BZ-019 and my call to SQ9OJN/P. Apologies again.

However, my today’s mistake has shown another problem. Many chasers don’t listen to what activators say…I gave my callsign and my reference almost every qso. So chasers, start listening too!:slight_smile: