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SP/BI - Polish Bieszczady - activations by SP9MA

Hi Friends,

I would like to turn your attention to very interesting region of SOTA SP association - Bieszczady mountains.
They are located on very South-East part of Poland including our borders with Slovakia and Ukraine

Region has 29 active summits, a few of them are popular but a half of the region has just single digit numer of activations.

I decided to explore more this region and activate new uniques there.
Welcome to chase.

First activations are scheduled on May 1st.

73, Jarek


Good Luck Jarek. I will try to run KX-2 with MLA OM0ET - maybe we’ll hear each other.

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Hi Friends,

On May 1st were activated two summits: SP/BI-031 and SP/BI-008.

First summit is not long time in SOTA and number of its activation is not big.

Hiking was supported by beautiful WX :

Instruction for those who met the bear :smiley: :

View to OM land :

and back to SP/BI region :

SP/BI-031 route summary:

Hike to SP/BI-008 :

SP/BI-031 and SP/BI-008 are located in the same area, from way to the second summit we could see the first one through the woods:

More pictures from the route to SP/BI-008 :

SP/BI-008 route summary:

In below movie is recorded summary of the day (this is general natural video without any correction, I am sorry for heavy breath but idea was to try to show you real circumstances of the hike) :

… to be continued :wink:

73, Jarek


Hi Jarek.
That looks like a fantastic area. I am sure you are up for the challenge. I have not developed my bear outrunning skills. Make sure your boot laces are tied up tight.

Have fun

Hi David,

I will, for sure :smiley:

Bear bells were helpful this time and I did not meet any bear face to face :wink:

73, Jarek

Hi Friends,

On may 2nd were activated two summits: SP/BI-017 and SP/BI-023.

Both of them have no marked tourist route so they demand some creativity to reach.

Below are some pictures of the route to SP/BI-017 :

Activation records :

Activation summary :

Route to SP/BI-023 :

Activation records :

Next visit in SP/BI region is scheduled for mid of June :wink:

See you on the frequencies :exclamation:

73, Jarek