Well that was fun. Set off from home in light rain. It had stopped by the time we arrived. Took new route to summit - route classified as “never again!”. Tricky ascent in steep forest. Activation was enjoyable - started on 40SSB with 9 QSO (testing the theory that family members might find this more interesting). Conditions good to GW (!) with four worked in a row. Quick sortie onto 40CW added 17 more contacts. Lewis pottered about drinking hot chocolate, taking photos and listening to his MP3 player.

Decided on different route back. Lewis suggested we should descend at the very steepest point (starting off nearly vertical). No responsible parent would have agreed, a point which unfortunately struck me two minutes too late to turn back. More stumbling down steep woodland ensued. We were encouraged by the thought of a meal in the Bickerton Poacher. This was excellent and rounded of a super little trip.

Thanks everyone.



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Nice going Ric es tnx 2 QSOs - much louder on CW when sun was higher in the air!

Thank you Richard for my first SOTA QSO. Was monitoring the QRP QRG when I heard activity a few kcs up. After our QSO and one with DL4ZBY/P went to the SOTA website and registered. Off to Lake District for Easter to do some walking may take my FT817 with me!

73 and thanks again for introducing me to SOTA.


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Hi Glyn - welcome to SOTA

You will soon discover that there is a lot of SOTA activity. If you have any questions about how it all works, this is a great place to ask. Good luck in the Lakes.

There are some photos of today that you can see by clicking the photos link at the top of the page.



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OK Richard thanks for your encouragement - just been looking at your video on youtube - very impressive.



Welcome to the “Irresponsible Parent on Raw Head Club” Richard. You remind me of my first attempt to take my children up there in 2002. Without a map, I followed my nose and ended up off path on a very steep muddy bank. Only thing was, what we eventually climbed was in fact Bulkeley Hill, so perhaps I’m not a member of the IPRHC anyway.

A reread of that day, seemingly a long time ago, is a cringeworthy experience!

To my surprise I heard you on 40CW; was waiting for an appropriate opportunity to call you QRS style after your pile-up, but you just disappeared. Never mind, got a 40CW chaser contact with G0HIO/P on G/SP-004 a little later. This was satisfying, because I managed to read the callsign and summit reference, and call in before anyone had spotted this activation on SOTAwatch!