Sp-010 Winter Hill,

Went out this morning to see if i could find some lucky heather for my cousins who had just made a flying visit yesterday, Left the house by bus for Belmont road Bolton. The start of the walk was from the public house (witton arms) did a few caches along the way, Once at the top me and Angela found a nice location by the wall out of the wind to have our lunch, Out came the radio and i made a few calls on S20, but nothing coming back on further examanation found out the coax on the rusksack antanna was broken, So sorry for those waiting it had to be rubber duck activation, did my own spot on website, then came 5 chasers to the rescue. gave a few more calls but nothing heard so we went on our walk. from the mast to Rivington Pike and onto Horwich to the pub (crown hotel) then made our way home, Thanks to those who was worked, and those who missed me, till next time 73.