Southern Scotland voice and FT8 activation Sunday April 28 2019

I’m going to give FT8 a whirl again from a mountain (hill?) tomorrow Sunday April 28th.

I haven’t used FT8 since a flurry activations almost 2 years ago.

Hopefully I’ll nab a few contacts assuming everyone isn’t in Blackpool.


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Bit of a struggle yesterday and not sure if these wind turbines create any RF noise but 20m was S8 for me.

My 8 watts nabbed six 20m FT8 contacts and two 40m FT8 contacts.

This aside I was thrilled to see where PSKReporter claimed my puny signal was heard…seems way better in Scotland despite wind turbines versus So Cal.


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and here is a non narrative, photo centric trip report to give others an idea of what getting to Meikle Says Law is like.

Aww, it’s a shame I missed you. I was on the neighbouring summit GM/SS-182 but I think I must’ve been packing up just as you were setting up. Next time! :slight_smile:

Meikle Says Law? Yes very noisy… here is what I wrote 5 years back.

More importantly:

So it may have been worse had you gone higher. ISTR 30m was quite quiet, FT8 would work well there but I guess you don’t have an antenna for that band.