Meikle Says Law SS-148

It’s a while since I written a report on an activation partly because I’ve not been out since 1-Jan-2014. The WX here has been horrible most weekends, heavy rain or mad gales. The WX this weekend wasn’t brilliant with snow for about 70miles North of here and heavy rain for everywhere else. A small patch of the borders looked to be OK and the only decent leg-stretching walk was to Meikle Says Law. (pronounced Mee kul).

I managed to get lost in the village of Haddington and made a 10mile detour before finding the correct road to Gifford. By the time I got to Gifford my car was white with road salt. The roads from here are minor and even more minor and were showing some bad flood/ice damage in places, big potholes, large amounts of the top surface missing. The rain in the night must have been torrential as the road up the hill was like driving in a stream with run off water. However, once on the moors proper the road was OK. I got to the parking area to find a guy had managed to park in a space big enough for 5 cars such that nobody else could park or gain access to the farm track. Class! He was booting up and I suggested he move and we’d all be able to park. “Didn’t expect anyone else.” So that makes it all right! All this was made harder by the force 10 icy gale blowing. The sun was shining nearby but I could barely open the car door. Oh dear going to be a cold day.

The parking is at 401m but you immediately drop 60m to the Faseny Water. There are lots of routes up SS-148 but most involve fording the Faseny Water 1 or more times. I knew with the rain it would be deep and it was so I took the boring route that crosses a foot bridge. There is approx. 2.3km of excellent gravel track and then you’re on your own. Well there is a dirty path/ATV that parallels a burn draining the higher areas. It was wet, waterproof footwear recommend for here. Also the OS are optimistic in their suggestion of how much track there is, a lot less than the map says!

I made my way to the top of Little Says Law and surveyed Fallago Ridge Wind Farm. That’s new since I was here in April 2007 with Brian G4ZRP when we found some WWII ordnance in the peat.

There are now 48 turbines in a 144MW installation. Yes it was windy which is one reason to build a wind farm here. Crystal Rig Wind Farm (108 turbines is near) I could see turbines/wind farms as far as the eye could see. The reason is there is a 400kV supergrid connection running across the moor from Torness AGR Power station. With the grid nearby you’d be silly to build a windfarm where you had to spend money to link it up with miles of cable!

From Little Says Law it’s 60m ascent to Meikle Says Law 1.5km away. A fair old toil as the ground is horrible, lots of bogs and peat hags etc. You need to pay attention all the time or you’ll end up face first in the gloop. There was lots of snow and ice patches as well which surprised me. I didn’t think it was that cold. It was Baltic with the fierce wind blowing but the car said 7C when I parked it. I was only climbing 138m higher, it shouldn’t be that cold!

At the summit I used the fence and set up on 24MHz. Disaster! I’ve operated by many wind farms and they’re generally RF quiet. Not this. Bleeding great swathes of crackly noise at S9 on 17m,15m,12m,10,6m. Flipping the narrow CW filter gave me a an S1 noise floor but in general it was rubbish. I struggled to work 2 stations on 12m, I put this down to the noise swamping the RF stages and me not hearing people. But actually I wasn’t spotted by RBN and my self spot failed as typed nonsense in the spot. So 2 random contacts only on 12m. 20m was much quieter so I QSY’d and managed to build up a nice pile up in seconds. Thanks RBN!

The constant buffering in the wind and the cold is so debilitating. You don’t realise at first until you cannot make sense of what people send and you cannot send anything without including lots of gibberish characters. I apologise for below average sending. Also I was using my special prefix MA and I forgot to program the CQ machine with the new callsign. A lot of stations sounded rough, either the 817 is gubbed or it was cross-mod from all the crud off the wind farm. 30m,40m sound clean but I couldn’t be bothered rigging full sized inv-V dipoles in the wind.

After an hour I was frozen solid and in a quiet lull, I pulled the station down and hightailed it back to the car. Took 1hr 40 to climb and 1hr 10 back to the car. The sun shone on and off but the whole time I was on the summit, Spartleton SS-182 about 5miles East was in sunshine all the time. Should have done that one and got a tan!

It was good to get out on the hills again after 31 days. Could have been worse, could have been better. 21 QSOs on 14MHz and 2 on 24MHz. At least I got a 12m Challenge multiplier.


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G’day Andy,

Sounds like you were suffering from cabin fever - what else would make you enjoy going out and stomping around in gloop for kilometres with a wind chill factor of gawd knows how much? Maybe you should emulate the birds and fly south for the winter. Do your activating in a pleasant 30 degrees with narry a puddle in sight. Wear shorts and a shirt and a big hat. Corks on strings optional.


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I struggled to work 2 stations on 12m, I put this down to the noise swamping the RF stages and me not hearing people. But actually I wasn’t spotted by RBN…

Could be that 12m wasn’t properly open for your location Andy. I’ve taken a look on several occasions recently and found the band seriously under-occupied.

I must say that for an outing in the Lammermuir Hills I would have opted for Spartleton and Dirrington Great Law, both of which are much more pleasant. I guess the 60m ascent at the end of the descent of Meikle Says Law seriously limits the enjoyment factor.

Good to read one of your reports once again.

73, Gerald G4OIG

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Could be that 12m wasn’t properly open

I could hear a few US stations on SSB who were louder than the S9 noise. I mistyped my own self-spot, oh the shame, and so I didn’t get spotted.

Spartleton and Dirrington Great Law

Agreed, much nicer hills. Meikle Says Law is a bland and indistinct lump in comparison. But it’s nearly 7 years since I was there and wanted to see if an alternate approach was better. The RF noise has spoilt this summit which otherwise would be a good “backup summit” to have handy. Also I wanted some bonus points for 2014. The absolute value of the points don’t matter but I would actually like to earn some!

The last 60m ascent is depressing as you see exactly how much you need to climb from the bridge at Faseny Cottage to where my car was parked as you walk down the opposite side of the valley. I was sustained by the knowledge there was a ripe Satsuma in the SOTA box in the car left over from a Christmas jaunt. The Satsumas were anything but ripe at Christmas but a month later this one was at its peak. :wink:

Anyway, if it’s early February it must be time to bag the gem of little gems, Deuchary Hill.


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Thanks, Andy, I’m planning on sneaking across the border into southern Scotland this spring and had that one chalked in as a possible activation but you’ve thoroughly put me off! I don’t mind the 60 metre reascent, that’s only one and a half rope lengths after all, but bog-trotting, wind farms and QRM? No thanks!


Brian G8ADD

Thanks Andy,

I bagged GM/SS-148 two years ago on the evening of the 15th March, so winter bonus points seem to be a motivator for this particular hill. I was late setting off and activated the hill in the dark. Meant I couldn’t see the wind farms! Managed to activate it on 144Mhz, with a whip antenna; it was pretty windy on top as I sat sheltering behind the trig pillar. I followed the main land rover track up the side of the Faseny burn all the way to the summit as it was more sheltered and it would have been easy on a mountain bike with a nice run back down, in daylight. There were three fords to cross the burn on that track though.

I’ve recommended it to a few visiting activators who seemed to have had successful visits.