South West SOTAs

Next weekend we will be staying in North Somerset with the aim of activating three local SOTA summits, Dunkery Beacon (G/SC-001), Periton Hill (G/SC-006) and Selworthy Beacon (G/SC-005). If the weather is ok then will activate all three on Saturday, if it’s bad then we might hold Selworthy Beacon over until Sunday 27th. The plan of action is to use 2m FM and 2m SSB on all of the summits and 20m and 40m on at least one of the summits. Likely working frequencies will be 145.400 and 144.310 but will hopefully be able to send spots. Will monitor 145.500 all the time on the walks up and in the car.
Hope to hear you on the air.

Being local in way down in SW, be listening for you folks