South Wales Tour Day 1

Tomorrow (Monday 1 Feb 16) I head off to South Wales for the first of two days in the Brecon’s/Black Mountains. With the onset of Storm Henry I am anticipating winds on Monday to be fairly ferocious especially on my first Summit Black Mountain GW/SW-041. Although I have alerted for 2-fm, 7-cw, 7-ssb I may just do 2-fm. If you are within 2m earshot of Black Mountain around 0900 hrs please keep an ear open for me on calling 145.500Mhz. If the wind is as high as currently forecast I will not be spending long in the AZ so your calls would be gratefully appreciated.

After Black Mountain I head for Carn y Cefn GW/SW-014 and Craig y Llyn GW/SW-010 see alerts for times. Depending on the winds I may have to use the same MO from the SW-014 though should be able to use HF from SW-010.

Staying in Aberdare Monday night and hoping to do SW-001 and SW-005 on Tuesday before heading home though that is subject to change due to the state of my legs.

Hopefully I will catch at least 4 of you from Black Mountain in the morning.

73 Glyn

Hope to get you on Craig y Llyn in the afternoon Glyn. The forecast has improved since I posted my alert, so I may be on HF too.

Thanks to all those who called in and allowed me to qualify all three summits. The wind was atrocious especially during the gusts. At one stage on Mynydd Carn-y-cefn I sat on the grass with my back to the wind when a gust lifted me back onto my feet!! Time to leave. I opted for 2-fm on all three summits, had I gone down the HF route I would have spent more time putting the aerial back up than I would operating. Not surprisingly, I had all three hills to myself - with apologies to Noel Coward - only mad dogs and Englishmen go out in Storm Henry.

See you tomorrow from SW-001 wind permitting.


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Hi Glynn,

Think your going to have take something for all that wind :joy:

And. I still need SW-010, but was curling (we won - yippee!) during the time you were out. And as it turned out you were only on 2M. So unless the electrons were enhanced by a following wind don’t think I would have a cat-in-*****-chance of working you - hi!

SW-001 today?

73 es gl


I think you’d need to run along beside them with a little scraper polishing the ionosphere :wink:

Now there’s a thought Adrian? Though I doubt there’s enough ‘puff’ in me - hi! Just a minute - could get Henry to help - hi hi!



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Jack I said ‘gust’ not ‘guff’ :joy: