South East Asia countries SOTA sked

Greetings OMs,

This forum thread is specifically dedicated to the vibrant community of SOTA chasers and activators hailing from the South East Asian countries.

I am contemplating organizing a SOTA sked for the South East Asian region with the objective of raising awareness and promoting SOTA participation, given that SOTA activities in many South East Asian countries are still low.

I am optimistic that this proposed SOTA schedule will garner support and consensus from the SOTA association managers across South East Asian countries.

Let’s engage in a discussion about this initiative.


Hi Piju (@9M2PJU)

Great suggestion and have to imagine a fair number of western USA activators will be interested including myself.

I presume this would be around 2300 UTC and possibly 1500 UTC between SEA and W6/W7-land. Might be worth looking at VOACAP for a more informed opinion.

CW always seems to be a viable for long distance S2S but curious if any 9M ops are interested in FT8 in addition to SSB.


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This is a wonderful idea!

Personally, I have more contacts in ZL or VK than in Southeast Asia… Occasionally I hear a DS station… but there hasn’t been a QSO yet.

I think there are great QSO possibilities from EU in your direction… especially in the current conditions!

73 Armin


Hi Piju,
For clarification, I think you wish to set up a discussion-type net for those in SE Asia who are interested in SOTA. Out of those regular meetings ideas of how to promote SOTA, S2S times and possible SES type work at regional hamfests would evolve.
Others who have commented seem to have read this as a date/time when SE Asia activators may be out looking for contacts, but I think it’s rather an on-air discussion meet-up right?

73 Ed.

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I also look forward to SOTA revitalization in Southeast Asia. I have succeeded in Chaser and QSO in many countries including New Zealand, Taiwan, Australia, France, Germany, Sweden, and the Czech Republic. However, I have not been able to do QSO with Ativator and Chaser with the nearest Southeast Asia (Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, etc.).
De DS5SQS - Jiho Kim

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I aimed to organize a schedule that involves participants from Southeast Asian (SEA) countries, with the specific date to be decided later. I am hopeful that this proposal will gain approval from the association managers in SEA countries, empowering them to relay this concept to all Summits on the Air (SOTA) participants within their regions. Furthermore, I enthusiastically invite chasers from other global regions to actively participate. The motivation behind this initiative is to boost SOTA activities in SEA countries, which currently lag behind those in European countries and the United States.

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Hi Piju,

Congrat for commencement of SOTA program in West Malaysia.
I wish to come back again to Malaysia for SOTA activation in next time.
We are going to have SOTA JA QSO party in March 10. Many of JA activators are on summits, please find us and make S2S.



Hi. ZL is keen. 10th March is OK. What time UTC?
Warren ZL2AJ

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Hi Warren
See my posted link. Time is as below

Date & Time: 9 March 2024 / 21:00 – 09:00+1 (UTC)
Core time: 10 March 2024 / 00:00 – 03:00 UTC (09:00 – 12:00 JST)



10 March is good, but let me promote local SOTA activators first and lets see their opinions.