Source of Chilton Ionograms

Hello All,

The Rutherford Appleton Labs ionospheric thingamybobs website seems to have been playing up for about 3 days now, and in particular, I have not been able to retrieve ionograms. I have been able to find foF2 plots here:

But I’d really like some ionograms. Does anybody know if the Chilton ionograms are published anywhere online other than at:

Any thoughts appreciated.


Dave M0MYA.

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I’m not aware of another site that publishes the Chilton ionograms but until the RAL system is up & running again you could refer to the Belgian equivalent

Click on Public:Latest Ionogram

As Belgium is at a lower latitude I have generally found that the FoF2 is slightly higher at any particular time than it is on the RAL ionogram, but it is certainly a useful guide.


Mark G0VOF

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but it is certainly a useful guide.

Very much so. Many thanks.


Dave M0MYA

Seems to me that the Chilton site has been quite unreliable over the last few weeks. I did have a script running to periodically download them, but that has had various hiccups over the last few weeks, it seems to have stopped working completely since 12 April.

Stewart G0LGS

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The Chilton ionogram site seems to be working again now.

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