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SOTLAS: activator not found in database

My daughter, K3EXO, and my wife, WE7CAT, just activated a peak W7W/MC-079. All the logging seems correct, but when I click on her call sign on the Gilbert Peak page on SOTLAS, it says “activator not found in database”. Both my wife and my daughter changed their call signs earlier in the year. Under their account management page, they both have their new call signs listed first as the “callsign” and their old calls listed as “other call used”. So I can’t figure out why it is working for my wife, but not my daughter. If I type in KJ7EXO (my daughter’s prior call), it does bring up all of her activations correctly, but if I type in my wife’s old call (KJ7DWJ), it says activator not found in database.

It seems like they might have their old and new calls reversed on the “edit account” page, but they don’t.

I don’t know if it is in the SOTLAS program, or in the SOTA database. Any thoughts on what we are doing wrong?


That is what I see too, but when I click on her call, then I get the “activator not found in database.” But if I click on my wife’s or my call, it brings up our activator page. Or if I type “K3EXO” in the search box of SOTLAS, it says not found also.

Try again now. SOTLAS imports the list of registered activators and their callsigns from the SOTA DB once a day (to cut down on the number of database requests), so if any changes to the callsign etc. are made, it can take up to a day until SOTLAS recognizes it. I have manually run the nightly update job so you don’t have to wait, and it looks OK now.


Great, looks like it is fixed! Thank you

I’ve just added a note about the 24 hour delay to the “activator not found” page to clarify this.
73, Manuel


Great. My daughter changed her call in January and I updated her account a while back, but this was her first activation since then, whereas my wife has had another activation. So that must be why their calls were showing up differently.