photo orientation. Pictures turned on their side.

Hi. Can anyone help with this question…
I have been adding some photos to the Sotalas Map pages after I have activated a summit, if I see that there are no photos of the summit already on the Sotalas summit page.

Today I have tried to add some photos from my latest summit activation to Sotalas and on some of my pictures, they display ‘on their side’, rather than the correct orientation. They are fine when the files are previewed on my PC. Does anyone know how I can adjust the orientation of uploaded pictures on Sotalas, or if there is a way to configure how it should be displayed before uploading to Sotalas.
Has anyone else seen this issue? Any solution to offer?

Many thanks,

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Is there an Apple product being used in the process?

Yes indeed. My iPhone 8. Is that a clue?

Thought so. A picture is meant to have special data so it can tell software to rotate it because you held the camera rotated. iPhones do it differently.

You should be able to import the picture into a photo package and rotate them, save them and then upload them.

Of course, it’s not a problem with iPhones as Jobs said “You’re holding it wrong” ! :slight_smile:

Hi Andy,
I have tried rotating the images, saving them and then re-uploading them but they are still displaying ‘on their side’ in Sotalas. Very strange.


I have found a solution. In the preview window where choosing a picture to upload, first right-click and choose ‘rotate clockwise’. Follow this with a click of ‘rotate counterclockwise’. This appears to lock the display orientation the way I want it.