Filters for Planning Group Activations

We all know is the best website for finding and researching SOTA summits. I’m sure we’ve all used the “Not activated by Me - This year” map filter to hide summits we’ve already activated for the year when searching for the next objective. Did you know that multiple callsigns can be added to this field? Now you do!

What a great feature for planning joint and group activations! Only summits that all group members have not yet done our shown. We’re using it here in Oregon to plan our New Years Eve UTC Rollover activation.

73 de Tim N7KOM


Wait till you find the “completes” filter. :wink:


An awesome filter feature! I :clap:

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The ‘complete candidtates’ filter shows me summits I have chased but not activated, but not summits I have activated but not chased.
Should it show both?

For example, GW/MW-036 doesn’t show up as a complete candidate for me. I have activated it but not chased it.

I always take the view that I have a good idea which summits I’ve activated but not chased or S2S chased. So for me it does what I want… which of the summits I have chased can I activate for a complete. Typically I have used it for HB, DM, F associations when planning my trips to the rally at Friedrichshafen. For that it’s ideal. I also used it when looking for uniques here in Scotland last month that happen to be completes as well. (Ben Bowie and Conic Hill)

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I think of the tools on as being more biased towards activating summits as opposed to chasing. But the creator of (Manuel - HB9DQM) also created which is a great tool for chasing any ham activity and you can create all sorts of triggers to send an alert to the app on your phone. You can create a trigger for a summit reference list that will update the list of potential completes every day (and you can easily copy the results if you want to). Man, I wish someone besides myself would activate these W4C/US-??? summits! :wink:

73, pat -ww4d


Yes, HamAlert’s complete feature is amazing. When I first implemented it I got a little confused when I got an alert for a callsign I didn’t recognize. Then I read the summit reference and realized it was a summit that I had activated while on a trip to Southern California! Alas, the activator was only doing VHF that day.