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I have been using Sotawatch3 for a few weeks now. My impression is that it is much better suited for a smart phone than old Sotawatch. Also, I like it better on my PC. It seems easier to navigate around the new version and has a more readable font both on the PC and a phone.

These old eyes appreciate the upgrade. My hat is off to the developers. Job well done!

Ron, KI4TN


I’ve been using it a lot also. Seems to be working fine and nice to be able to edit alerts again. Thanks!

One question: Is there a way to increase the number of spots displayed as with Sotawatch2? Comes in handy to verify S2S peak references.

Mike - ke5akl

I’ve already told Jon this when we were testing it earlier. For me the greatest feature of SW3 is spotting on my mobile phone. Instead of having to fish about and shrink and grow the image to enter the spot, I click spot button and I get a full phone screen sized image that I can read easily. No more faffing around. There are many other improvements, but this for me, makes it a real winner.

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At the top of the spot list is a button labeled “Settings.” Click that and you will see a drop-down list to expand the number of spots up to 3 days.

Ron, KI4TN

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SOTAwatch2 offered the possibility to enter an own “n hours back” entry via the URL, even not-predefined values. It seems that SOTAwatch3 doesn’t offer this any longer, so only the look-back-periods up to 3 days are available. I did appreciate the former possibility very much for verifying purposes.

Is it possible to offer again in SOTAwatch3 an URL based “command line” type entering possiblity or a field for an own period to look back > 3 days?

Thanks in advance and vy 73 de Markus, HB9DIZ