SOTAwatch3--Operator: Not Recognized

No problem posting my alert for tomorrow, but instead of showing my name on a Mouse-over, it reads: Operator: Not Recognized. On SOTAwatch 2 it knew who I was. There must be something more that I need to do to transition over to SOTAwatch 3, but I don’t know what that is…

Dave, AE9Q

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Hi Dave,
Once logged in SW3, you need to edit your profile and inform your personal data, i.e. name, callsign, alternative callsigns used, etc
However, I’ve seen people still having the not recognised problem even after having filled all data and also having the name ok on spots while still being not recognised on alerts.
A log-off and log back on cycle seemed to solve the problem.
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I had the same issue a few months ago and discovered quite by accident that if I edited the alert and saved it again, I was recognized. Now it seems to recognize me on the first try.


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Yes, that was experienced and mentionned to me by an EA2 user recently.


Thanks for the suggestions - I tried them all, but nothing seems to have permanently solved the problem. The only thing that worked was K9PM’s suggestion to edit the alert and save again. The alert then showed my name on the mouse-over. Unfortunately, the next time I posted an alert, I was Operator Not Recognized again. No biggie…

Don’t worry Dave… we recognize you, even if SW doesn’t :grinning:

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Yep…I’ve been editing the alert and saving again and magically my name shows up. My profile info is correct. It appears to be a software issue.

73, Brad

WU7H - Thanks for working me yesterday on Pistol Hill!

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Bug in sight…



This should be fixed.

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Thanks :+1:

And I see spot aggregation is added. Very good idea to reduce waste of screen space.

73 Joe

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Brian G8ADD reminded us it was still outstanding when we were discussing the SW2 close down the other day.

Thanks, I just had the same problem posting my first alert & remarks in this thread helped me fix it!

Thanks, The “edit / save again” did the trick
Bug has not been corrected as of August 2023.