SOTAwatch3: My External Links and Articles


is it possible to see a list of all external links and articles i have submitted so far to SOTAwatch3? It would be very helpful to check if all my submitted external links are still working.

I would love to see something like “MY EXTERNAL LINKS” and “MY ARTICLES” in the top right corner when logged in …


Perhaps this will be possible in the future …

73 Martin, OE5REO

Hi Martin,

A very good idea.

In general there are a lot of dead links i.e. to or Picasa that do not exist anymore.
An automated cleanup would be good.

Links to GPS Tracks on Sotamaps feel a bit redundant now as they are nicely organized at least on

Also a review/comment/update feature for articles would be good.

Only the creators of articles can change them. A more “wiki” style option would be good for community updates related to the summit or even association level.
So I would suggest different type of articles:

  • personalized (like activation report)
  • time-limited announcements (like path closures). One can define an enddate were the article is disappearing/hidden
  • community wiki-like information collection were everyone can edit (wiki like version history needed)

Example was discussed recently here on the reflector:

All of those are of course kind requests. Looking forward to future improvements.

73 de Joe


Hi Martin,
I think you are referring to the site where the external links and articles are, not SOTAWatch3 - SW3 is just spots and alerts I think.

73 Ed.

you are right ed …

Looking at the Contact SOTA list:

That looks to me as if Tom @M1EYP could be who you need to approach to ask whether a “your articles/external links” list might be possible.

73 Ed.

Another job, update contacts list.

Tom, isn’t the person to contact about this.

Irrespective of who the right person to contact is (contacts go to all the MT via the MT reflector), the MT has a long established contact channel which can be used to ask for changes and improvements to our SOTA facilities. Using that channel automatically brings such requests to the attention of the MT. Using the reflector for requests is a bit more uncertain, the right member of the MT may or may not eventually see the topic, there are no guarantees! My advice, then, is to use the contact channel and make your request, then the appropriate people will discuss amongst themselves whether the request is practicable and if so put it on the “to do” list.

OK, “summit lists” shown in the MT list is not the summit listing feature, rather interaction with the physical list of approved summits I guess. In any case, contact via the “Contact SOTA” function, as Brian says, is the place to start, Martin.

( Summits on the Air )

73 Ed.

The fact that the contact list needs bringing up to date is noted on the jobs.

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