SotaWatch3 Mouse-Over

Hi SOTA friends,

There is one tiny request I have about Sotawatch3. In both the alerts and spots, if you mouse over any part of the alert or spot, you get a pop-up with more information. I like the more information pop-up, but I wish it only popped up if you moused over only the link to the summit, instead of anywhere in the message. To me, it kind of gets in the way, and covers up some information, but I would like to see it when I want and not all the time.

Anyone else have thoughts on this? :hiking_boot:

Ron, KI4TN

Nope. It’s just about perfect. Especially when using touch screen tablets or mousepads.

n.b. I didn’t write SW3 so it’s not like I don’t want changes because I don’t want to have to write some code!

Hi Ron… I have found that if you don’t want the pop up info , all you have to do is move your mouse pointer to the left of the Zulu time and scroll from there. No pop up info shows up. 73 de Scotty KG3W