SOTAwatch3 Alerts

Is there a way to have SOTAwatch3 show me alerts that are more than a few hours past?

It seems that once the alert time is past, the alert no longer shows up. SOTAwatch2 will show past alerts if you click ‘More Alerts’. Is this possible with SW3?



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SW3 doesn’t seem to allow any extended range viewing, but SOTLAS goes back about as far as you could reasonably want: SOTLAS

I must be missing something. I’m looking at and the oldest alert I can see is from Today:

20:00z [VE6VID]

They go forward in time from there. How are you seeing past alerts?



Oh hey you’re right. I didn’t realize what I was looking at, but it’s actually pages and pages (months and months) of future alerts. Probably a lot of them are by accident and were meant for this year or prior.

@MM0FMF Andy does the new API allow for access to older alerts?

This is one for Jon @G4ZFZ but the short answer is yes, there is ways to get previous alerts

Thank you Andrew. I will keep an eye out for a reply from Jon.



I find myself still using SOTAwatch2 to see alerts that have passed by. I don’t know how I’m going to do that once SOTAwatch2 is shut off.

Jon @G4ZFZ and/or Manuel @HB9DQM can we get that functionality? A link to ‘see more alerts’ that will show alerts from the past 12 or 24 hours would be great!!

Thanks Guys - appreciate all the awesome tools you have built for the SOTA community!



Hi Josh, message received!

It’s on the list and one of the things I’ll be addressing when I next get into a burst of development on SW.

73, Jon

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I pushed a fix for this too (12 hours prior alerts are now shown).


Thanks Andrew!!! :beers:

I would like to hear if this is of interest to anyone:

Did some Python scripting yesterday and I have added a function to my Raspberry Pi, that btw runs the SMS Spotter OE, to check every 10 minutes for alerts that drop out of the view (actually out of the SOTA alert API). In that case they are stored in a text file.
This would generate one file per day that has all alerts as long as they were not manually deleted by the user.
So I am creating a SOTA Alert Archive :smiley:

For the moment this is just local but if it added value to have an alert archive on my website for future reference please let me know. Then I will add an upload and html-file generator.

I case something like that is planned for SW3 I would not continue with that project.

73 Joe

I kind of have that already with RBNHole’s logs, but I’m not sure if there’s any demand for the feature. Happy to be proven wrong :slight_smile: