SOTAwatch3 Alerts settings adjustments

SOTA Settings

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It’s regular expression syntax, so yes, there should be. What specific query are you looking for?

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I wanted to change settings to hear from “VE7” AND/OR “W7W”

Ok, that’s a logical OR anyway, so the example would work:


Show me summits in VE7 OR W7W

An AND statement would require a summit to be in both associations, which isn’t logically possible:

“Show me any summit that is both in VE7 AND W7W at the same time”

Thank you very much. I’ll give that a try.

That type of filter doesn’t appear to work on the SOTA Summits distance page.

What I’d like is for all the G/ or GW/ summits to be in the list but not the ON/ FL/ ones which are actually nearer to my home location but which involve a channel crossing.

Is this an easy fix?

Probably not :slight_smile: I will take a look but it will be released as part of the new SOTAData (which will bring summits info into a single location) not in the current version. Shouldn’t be too far away, though.

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