SOTAwatch stats & Database

The SOTA Database has been updated with some new DM summits, valid from 1-1-08, and some other minor corrections. It will also make the switch between G/WB-001 and GW/SW-041 as from 1-1-08.

Questions have been asked in the past about why the personal stats on SOTAwatch - “My Activations”/“My Chases” - seem out-of-date. This is because it requires me to manually update it, so if it has been a few weeks the figures can get left behind.

I have now set something up so that the stats should get updated at least once every day. They should be up-to-date now, and the system should be up and running properly by 5-1-08.

Happy New Year,


In reply to M1EYP:

Thanks for the info Tom and for the updates, the new once per day auto update will be a blessing.

73 Mike GW0DSP

The auto-update I put in place was a rudimentary one that I should have thought of earlier. I made use of ‘Tabbed Browsing’ and added the URLs for chaser updates and activator updates to my homepage in Tools - Internet Options. From then on, every time I opened up IE on my computer at home, as well as my initial hompage and SOTAwatch that were already specified, my browser also triggered the two updates - which up to then I had been doing periodically as and when it crossed my mind to do them. My new solution appeared to be an auto-updated, but it was really a pseudo-auto-update, and wouldn’t have happened if I had gone on holiday or away for the weekend!

However, it is only fair to report that this has now changed. Jon GM4ZFZ has further enhanced SOTAwatch such that these updates are scheduled to occur at 0300 and 0400 respectively, daily. This is now much better then my ‘pretend’ auto-updates, so thanks to Jon for yet another improvement to an excellent facility. If no-one noticed the changeover from my ‘pretend’ system to Jon’s ‘real’ one (a couple of weeks ago), then at least it did its jon for its short time in service hi!

Cheers, Tom M1EYP