SOTAwatch not working in Chrome

Sotawatch does not show me spots in chrome, Alerts and Reflector Latest work fine. En firefox and edge everything works fine.
Any idea?
TNX in advance.
73 José ea7gv

I have two computers on my desk(work and my own)
IE shows an extra spot (08:22 / HB9CEV/P) Edge and Chrome dont show the spot
Edge doesnt show the 08:22 spot, but Firefox shows no spots!
Do you have any filters set in Chrome for the SOTA spots ?

Not working here also.
I use iMac. And the app on my iPhone, SOTA GOAT, also is not working.

Bizarre, I can’t see the spots on Firefox on my computer, but can on Firefox on my Android phone. :confused:

Spots seem to be working on SOTLAS SOTLAS

Hello, TNX for the answers. I deleted the cache and fixed.

No spots in different browsers, also after delete the caches.
After requesting SOTLAS my browser is waiting endless, brings only some elements of the side.

Yes, same here. Working in SOTAwatch3 though.

All seems OK here in Chrome - but each reflector topic is shown twice!

A quick test shows it’s running slow/lumpy. I’m at work and cannot see some of the servers from my work laptop. You’ll have to wait till I can find a moment to look at things later today. Andrew may be around as it’s only 8pm in Melbourne.

Like this

73 Éric

Yes, Eric. I am also seeing double. I thought it was the tablets I am on. Thank you confirming this is not the case and the double vision is a system error.

MM0FMF SOTA Cluster is functioning as it should do and I am seeing spots and QSOs from that. 4 Chaser QSOs logged so far today, but only visiting shack occasionally. The garden comes first befor the expected rain this afternoon. Thanks to F5ODQ, HB9CEV, DF3MC and OE7RDI activators in my log for today!

73 Phil

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If it is useful no joy with Firefox, even after clearing cookies / cache - unless I open an “In Private” window at which point it appears… very strange … hope it as simple as the “microsoft” fix…

Well the underlying spots DB seems to be running at high load. Not sure if this us (our code) or the provider’s service. Either way the performance seems to be about 20% of normal. So things are working but much slower.

Everyone can help by just ACCEPTING the situation until someone can look at it. Don’t hit refresh, don’t do performance tests, don’t beat the system into an early grave. The world is not going to end and the sun will rise in the East tomorrow. Live with it till it can be looked at.

I expect it may get worse when our LeftPond cousins wake up and login.

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The SOTA Database is completely chaos, cannot see the activators logs, some are there but show only the S2S contacts, completely unusable.

Patience, I am on it.

OK, about 0222 UTC today there was a massive spike in connections - 3x above our normal connections per period. That caused a slight backlog in query handling, before another spike occurred just prior to 0700, which is what tipped over the limit into thrashing. Suitable welly given to the system.

There isn’t a single failed query for the SOTA DB API over the past few hours, and I can see plenty of successful queries. I’m also able to use the SOTA Database site without error. Can you share the log on your web console (F12) so I can troubleshoot that. It sounds more like a local browser issue unrelated to this problem.

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Thanks - now working fine with dupication of reflector problem also fixed. Thanks

Hi, now at 1145 UTC I am able to see the logs of activators I worked yesterday. Stable now? will see