Sotawatch new Alert Screen layout suggestion

A frequently seen error for VK activation alerts is an incorrect date. For example a Saturday morning activation prior to 0000 (11am DST in VK1/2/3/7) is displayed with Saturday’s UTC date, which would be Sunday morning and not what the user intended.

This could be put down to user error, but I think is really because the user does not realize that the date is required to be a UTC date. The current screen does have a text comment against the time field (must be UTC) but that comment should be associated with the date too. Perhaps a simple change to the text message is sufficient but it should in that case be moved up the screen so it attracts the users attention when entering the date.

Apologies if this is already under consideration. Not found after searching.

Screen layout pedant.

Andrew VK1DA

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A new website to replace the static website (the one with the rules etc.) is nearly due for launch. Once that is running, attention will be turned to SOTAwatch. There are a host of improvements we want to make and suggestions like this will get taken on board.


Excellent. Thanks, Andy.

We are a UTC dependent hobby. If an operator can’t ALERT themselves properly, do you expect that their contacts will then be logged correctly?

Perhaps we need to suggest our respective testing organizations add some UTC based questions be presented to a license applicant at test time.

Would be more useful than some of the stuff on there, in the case of the question pool topics I learned.

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