SOTAwatch filter - new major release

As he has no amateur radio license (yet ?), and no other way to let you know, the author of the SOTAwatch Filter asks me to inform you of a new major release of his chaser tool.

As the name implies, this web application shows the SOTAwatch spots, but allows you to only display the bands/modes/calls/summits you are interested in, and warns you when a new spot matching your selection comes up.

I use it for some time now, and recommend it to all chasers. A nice unique feature is that it works on most recent devices, from personal computers to smartphones and tablets.

If you like it, please spread the word :wink:


It says “SOTAwatch filter could not reach the server, trying again in a few seconds” again and again.

Works for me but I had to tell NoScript to allow some scripts to run. Check you haven’t got and blocked.

I was working for me 2 hours ago but now can not reach the server, so I don’t think it can be my settings.

It has now woken up OK,