SOTAwatch entries missing operator name

I noticed after posting an alert for K7NEW for tomorrow 24-Aug-2019 19:00z that when I hover the mouse over the summit designator to get the popup “tip”, my (K7NEW) operator name is blank. I checked my account info, and my name is not blank. Tried a different browser, still blank.

Many (but not all) others are also blank, or say “Not recognized”. This is happening with both the alerts and the spots.

–Mark K7NEW

Workaround is to edit the alert and just save it unchanged.
Then the name shows up.

73 Joe

I notice a lot of the alerts on SW3 are leaving off the names of the operators.
de John Paul //AB4PP

This problem has been around for a long time - with the other challenges we just assumed it would be corrected eventually.

I have not seen the problem on my own spots - derived from my alerts and RBN spots, via the RBN Hole. The problem seems tied to certain activators or their spots - maybe.