SOTAwatch down

SOTAWATCH has been down again this morning. This is to be expected from time to time as with any computer system. To avoid the frustration of not being able to see or place spots I have set up a PUBLIC SOTA spot chat system for when the system is down. You will need SKYPE to use it. It is read only when you first access it - except for those I had already in my SKYPE directory. I will add write permission if I recognise you from SOTA or if you e=mail me roger.leighton@btinternet with a valid callsign.

Please have a go.


Bookmark link as unlike SKYPE group chat you can rejoin using this link.

Roger G4OWG

In reply to G4OWG:
Just a couple of points.

Don’t think you need to use the telephone side of SKYPE. You just need the software set up with a user name so you can access the chat section.
I forgot that SWLs might want to join in as well - you welcome - just let me know who you are so I can enable posting. Anybody can read the chat.
If I think someone is misusing the system I reserve the right to make them read only.
So far we have 12 users and I have no problem with it being used as a general chat area for SOTA when SOTAWATCH is working normally.

Roger G4OWG

What an anticlimax.

I looked at the title of this topic and got all excited thinking it referred to a newly discovered Marilyn in the G/SC region, that had been named in honour of this fine website.

Oh well. At least there’s still Birks Fell to do…