SOTAWATCH Broken MM0HQO/P 7130 khz now


Pse give a call

SOTAWatch is U/S and has been reported to MM0FMF 1255z

Pete MM0HQO/P is giving up on HF now and try 2m FM. If you are NE England and read this now listen up!!! He hasn’t qualified yet - just 2 HF QSOs on 40m. Cannot spot by SOTAWatch or by SMS. Think this problem is caused by month end database auto update thinks Andy MM0FMF.

73 Phil

See, I look at the screen and see Phil was right , the DB was not responding. I applied my usual fix, do nothing for an hour and see if it starts working. Having come out of a meeting and having a look I can see the DB functionality has been restored. And all without having to raise a ticket.

Most likely some kind of month-end/month-start patching was taking place. Everything should be working but if not, you know who to call. :wink:

:laughing: Great working well now Andy thanks, just come back in, F/GM0GAV/P seasoned DXer Gavin is back on the mainland and in the Vosges Region on FL/VO-003.

PS Pete MM0HQO/P tells me he qualified with a mix of HF and 2m FM so got his necessary 4 QSOs.

73 Phil

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Maybe that explains why nobody responded to CQ on 40m from ES-082
Thank goodness 20m worked for me a bit later