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SOTAWatch Alerts summit recognition problem - FIXED

It appears that SOTAWatch doesn’t recognise recently added summits - one example is DM/BW-854 Höchsten. Is it possible some kind of transfer or update needs to be executed to get new summits recognised in SOTAWatch Alerts?

Tnx Ed DD5LP

Hi Ed,

I brought up this topic some months ago. Here is the thread:

73 Martin, OE5REO

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Working FB

Alert placed 1730Z 9/2/2018


Spot placed 1728Z 9/2/2018





Those alerts are not there Andy!

I guess you removed them?

In any case what I am referring to (I ought to have been clearer!) is that when one hovers the mouse over the entry it says summit not recognised - the system allows the alert to be placed, that’s not the problem.


By the way as I wrote DD5LP+Others I’d expect the Operator not to be recognised - it’s just the Summit where I would expect to see the name shown.


Recently updated E7 SOTA data does appear in the list of summits, sotadata-generated pages, and SMP maps, but not in the Alerts page (when one hovers over an E7 SOTA reference). I believe this peculiarity has the same root cause as the one Ed is referring to…


Zoran / E70AA

Jon has an update planned soon.


SOTAWatch Alerts continues to report any summits added in 2018 (and I think also late in 2017) as unrecognised.

I know there is a “bigger plan” to replace the current SOTAWatch with a better one but in the meantime, can the problem be addressed in the current system please?


Posts like this are better sent directly to the MT, I’m the only member of the MT more or less continually monitoring the reflector and I don’t deal with the nuts and bolts!:wink:

It was my understanding that you had to deal with the nuts and then bolt. Perhaps I got that wrong…

That sounds about right to me!

OK, I’ll send something to Jon to see if the update that Andrew R said he thought was coming is imminent. I know this problem used to occur when a particular lookup file wasn’t updated but then this manual step of the logic was apparently changed to take the data directly from the database - that doesn’t seem to be working for the new summits in the Alert page (Spots seem to be OK).

It’s dependent on another piece of work I’m working on (when I get a chance).

Thanks Andrew - I’m in direct contact with Jon now via email and he’ll kindly look into the problem later when he gets home.

73 Ed.

Jon has now fixed the problem so new alerts or those edited by the creator will now pick up the name of the summit if it is valid.


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