Sotawatch account

Do somebody know, what can be wrong with SOTAWATCH? I tried to make registration but I don´t know what is wrong, I can not login.
So I tried it 2nd time… and same sitoation.
( I did not receive e-mail about registration… nothing…)

I sent message to admin an I wait…

Have somebody experience with it?


Hello Pavel!

Maybe you could try and use the “CONTACT SOTA” link that is on the SOTAwatch page. I’m sure that someone of the Management Team will help you with your problem.

Good to see you are interested in SOTA … but be aware, SOTA is addictive!

73 Martin, OE5REO

Sotawatch, the Sota Web Site and the Database all require different passwords.
Maybe you are trying to log into one of the other sites with your Sotawatch password ?

Welcome to Sota you will be hooked in no time !


Check carefully the email address you submit when registering. The confirmation email would be sent to that address. If you have multiple addresses, take care. And check the spam folder of your email service.
73 Andrew VK1DA/VK2UH