SOTAWATCH 3 request

Maybe it is just my browser but SOTAWATCH 3, unlike SOTAWATCH 2 displays the spots more in the middle of the page. While on the air I run other programs like logging , etc. I like to be able watch the spots but the other windows cover the spots. It would be a better use monitor space if it displayed at the left like SOTAWATCH 2 does. Then there would be more space for other windows and you could keep an eye on the spots as they pop up.
Jeff K6QCB

Just because it fits your topic:

During the SOTA update presentations given by Andy @MM0FMF at Friedrichshafen Ham Radio there was another feature request that adresses another but similar scenario for SW3.

  • Have the latest alerts and spots on one page (just the last 5 or 10 each) over each other (like SW2 startpage). Or optional as columns next to each other?
  • I would add: A view without them or an option to hide the ‘Reflector Latest’ entries? Why would anyone need them there? Imho this is a waste of space.

What was suggested by Andy is that with the new API2 feature it will be possible to programm tools that will just fetch the data and one can visualize however it is needed.

Other questions that I forgot to ask Andy:

Ping @G4ZFZ

73 Joe


Hopefully. It’s not as clear cut

Hi Jeff, I suggest you resize your windows accordingly in order to organize your desktop.

This is on the list Joe. I intent to allow spot and alert columns to sit side by side when viewing in a sufficiently wide browser window.

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The spots sit in the middle of the screen. There is wasted space on the right and left. I would have to resize the other windows to be small to be convenient. If the space on the left of the screen could be used for the spots like SOTAWATCH2 there would not be the wasted screen space and more room on the right for logging windows, etc.
Jeff K6QCB

Ok Jeff, I have tasked this up to have serious look at having a left align option when I get to review the layout options which I hope to do soon.

Jeff K6QCB

I have a couple GADGETS. One is a clock I like to set to ZULU.
A nice feature is the format that allows it to ALWAYS BE ON TOP!!!

Tried to find sun times for a summit today and was presented with a strange new display called Sotawatch 3. I am not known for my observational powers nor my understanding of how web pages work but I couldn’t find sun times at the top. They used to be there. I tried going in from the database route but still got this Sotawatch 3 and no times. Maybe Sotawatch 2 still lurks somewhere and I could use that?
Anybody help?

SOTAwatch3 is replacing SOTAwatch2. You want to use this now not SW2. You log in with your database password.

SW3 probably does not give the sun times. This maybe a future addition as SW3 is not yet considered finished.

If you are desperate for sun times, Google will be able to help with a search like “sun rise, Inverness, August 10 2019”.

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Thanks Andy for the quick reply and explanation. Work in progress - understood. Yes, I did Google it and got the answer immediately.

Thanks for the QSO and chat on VHF at the weekend! I’m always up for discussing GM/NS with anybody, any time. Good luck with them.
73, John