SOTAspots not working

SOTAwatch is not working right now from my Samsung with Android, telling me that the summit is not in the database. Everything else works. Can anyone fix this? A big crowd of contesters is trouble enough today for an activator… :slight_smile: TNX!

Well it works for me just now. But as there are 105000+ summits I don’t intend to test them all to find the one you are having problems with. :slight_smile: What’s the summit?

Hi Sorin,
As Andy says - which summit. Also are you using an Android App or just a Browser on the Samsung phone? If you are using a browser and going to SOTAWatch - from the title I guess you are trying to post a Spot (not an alert)?

If you are using a browser you could also try Summits on the Air

If you are using an App, the problem could be with the App or the authors database that the app perhaps references.

73 Ed.

Dear friends, I’ve used the same setup 50 times before. The summit is SP/BZ-043. Now I will try again from 045.

Well, same situation:

"Submission failed.

The association you gave was not valid. The summit you entered is not recognised as valid SOTA summit.

Please go back and try again."

Hi Bizzu - using my checking out SP/BZ-043 it’s certainly in the Summit Database. So everything seems ok?



I just did a test spot with SP/BZ-043. Works fine here.
Enjoy the trip to Friedrichshafen. We will leave around noon. First stop Luxembourg.
I see your spot now.

73, Hans PB2T

TNX Ed for the tip with SOTAlite, I was able to spot myself. Activation done in VY QRM. Next summit today BZ-051.
Hans, hope to drink a beer with you in the camping, I will stay in the same place as last year.
Tnx all for help :slight_smile:

I put the beer in the fridge.