SOTApole end caps

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Pete - I think the exact same thing happened to my pole, it suffered a
collapse. I have the remains of the end cap, it’s now just a threaded

Likewise, but as Pete suggested, I have duct taped a plastic disc onto the threaded ring (cut from a larger bottle cap - choose a thick squidgy one to absorb the shock of pole collapse). That way, I can still remove it easily to dry the pole sections between activations. Funnily enough there has been a lot of drying lately ;o)


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Andy - I like it how a lot of your fixes for things seem to involve whisky! :slight_smile: I’ve not dabbled in whisky,

Andy doesn’t dabble in whisky, he paddles in it! :))
Sounds like you are better qualified for being a Scot than many - once we get you into a kilt it will be easily discovered!!


Barry GM4TOE

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I’ve never thought of whisky as a cure for athlete’s foot!

The top cap was lost on my 7 metre pole - I saw it go, but there is no recovering it from a crack in a ten-tonne boulder! I had a word with a technician friend in a chemistry lab at the university where I used to work and was given a rubber bung that does the job - they come in a huge range of sizes. He also suggested that I find a cap off an aerosol can which is just too big. Smear the end of the pole section lightly with Vaseline then smear a thicker layer of Araldite over the inside of the cap and push in the pole. When the Araldite has set the Vaseline will let you slide the cap off and it should be a perfect fit. I’ve never tried it, and offer the suggestion for what it’s worth!


Brian G8ADD

prevention is better than cure, why not drill a hole in the top bung put a bit of string through the hole tie a knot in it to prevent it coming out then tape the string to the top of the pole so its hard to loose

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Yes I agree, after loosing the bung from my first pole, I decided to attach mine with a cable tie. After drilling a hole in the cap, I pushed a cable tie through from the inside and taped the tail to the pole.
Using self amalgamating tape also has the advantage of forming a non slip grip which is useful when using it as a walking pole.


In reply to M1BUU:Hi Colin Have you thought of trying to find a cork.Maybe a brew your own wine shop may have something or the local chemists.73 Geoff

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Great idea. I have also wrapped electrical tape around the threads to make it a better fit so it does not fall out so easily. I also put a small piece of foam in the hollow of the cap so the sections do not “hammer” it out.


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As they are fishing poles you can always do what the anglers do and use a pole skid bung like this:


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Hi Ron,

A similar fix to what I did with my pole but mine was home made…

73, Derek

Some excellent ideas here.

Hopefully this topic will provide a resource for others in the future.

Colin, M1BUU

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For Australian Haverford 7m squid pole owners,

The top cap is very easy to lose, tends to catch on scrub and flip off, lost mine a while ago.

Bunnings Hardware stores sell round rubber chair leg protectors, these fit snugly over the top of the pole and have yet to come off in the thickest of scrub. Just have to remember where you put it and replace after activating.

73 Ian VK1DI

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Yes, I have found this works well.
The downside is that the bung/string catches badly in heather, bilberry and, worst of all, gorse all of which seem prolific on SOTA summits.

Afternoon all

I have been using a stain remover ball from Persil Washing up liquid on a 7m pole seems to fit well and is secured In place with a zip tie around it (bottom part).
Still looking for something for the top part.


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Milk bottle cap and neck fixed with duck tape?

73, Gerald G4OIG

currently the owner of two poles both with their bungs… for now!

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Back in 2014, I did as Gerald suggested in his post.
Not exactly a milk bottle cap but a Solan de Cabras mineral water one. This one:
I cut the bottle neck, adjusted it to the top end of my fishing rod without the top cap, I wrapped the cut bottle neck and the fishing rod end with electrical tape as necessary for a perfect fit and it’s been there for 5 years now without needing any further repair or maintenance. I have a threaded cap now and it’s a lot better than the original press-fit cap.


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My take on the replacement universal cap is self amalgamating tape. Satisfies all diameters. Manufacturing time 36hrs.

Cut 4 pieces, 5" plus one diameter in length.
Place 2 pieces neatly in the form of a cross.
Place 2 more pieces neatly in the form of a second cross.

Press down with a weight to let the amalgamating process take effect overnight.

Lightly apply silicone grease to the pole outside diameter.
Place one cross over the end of the pole. Fold the pieces down the sides of the pole.
Secure temporarily with a cable tie round the ends of the pieces.

Place the second cross on top of the first, rotated 45degrees from the first cross.
Again fold the pieces down the sides of the pole. This is a bit fiddly, you really need 4 hands.
Carefully position the pieces and again secure as above.

When satisfied with the positioning, fit 4 cable ties to hold the self amag together.
Leave overnight for more magic to occur.

After breakfast, remove the cable ties and apply a layer of insulating tape to the cap external diameter. It may be useful to apply a little super glue to the tail of the tape to make a permanent bond.

The first time of removing the cap it may be a little tight but it soon eases up. Apply a little silicone grease as necessary.

Carefully trim the cap diameter to the length required.

Fit a boot lace to stop your new cap getting adventure-lust beyond it’s station.

David G0EVV


Let me show you some pictures:
imagen imagen imagen


Yes, much as mine Guru. I dispensed with my Flickr account, so the photo is below. I like this method as milk bottle tops are readily available and spares can be carried so ensuring you never lose one when on an activation. If you leave the spare at home, then off flies the one fitted. :grinning:


As soon as I lost the end cap of my SOTApole, a solution came by chance!!!

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