SOTApedition F6ENO/F5AKL

Good evening,
Many thanks to all for your taking part, and particularly for your patience when F5AKL/P was on air ! :-)))))
First portable raid: still inexperienced ! But, later, we will be better. We hope so !
99 QSO in the two logs, 97 on 40m, 2 on 30m, and nothing on 20m.
See you later with pleasure, in several months, may be from higher summits.
73 “SOTA” QRO, Alain F6ENO & André/Andy F5AKL

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Sorry to have missed you. Sounds like most things work well first time. Perhaps I will hear you when I am in OE next week?



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Very pleased to work you on 40M cw Andre. I hope it is the first of many activations. Your signals were very strong, I wonder what power level and antenna you were using?

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Nice to work you on both summits Alain and to work Andre on NO-005.
Well done on the activation, hope to see you again in the future.

vy 73


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Hi Frank

Thanks for the contacts
We were using a FT817 with an inverted Vee dipole on a fishing pole,
powered by two 2Ah batteries and a 7Ah one.
Great piles up when starting…!!!
We also tried an home brew QRP rig, but was not very nice.

With Andy, we planed to climb some higher summits in september in AM region.

Best 73

Alain F6ENO

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Yes, many thanks for the activations guys - gud sigs up here near Inverness and big pileups when you are QRV - FB!
73 de CRIS

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Alain & Andre

You two must feel very proud to have been activators on the first day of SOTA France. Somthing to tell your (licenced) grandchildren about in times to come!

It was a privilage to have contacted you and I look forward to many more SOTA QSO’s in the future.

73 Roy G4SSH