SOTAMAPS Scale bar gone west?

Doing some planning today using SOTAMAPS.

Does anyone see the zoomable scale bar today - it’s usually sitting on the bottom right hand corner of the screen. So useful for working out approximate distances and walk times. Has the scale bar gone west or is it my own browser issue?

73 Phil

Working here with Firefox browser if you mean the km bar Phil:


Try logging out and back in.

Sorry, guys! I was doing some maintenance, and had temporarily disabled the scale bar. It’s back in there now, no need to logout/login.

Phil, I don’t know if you’re aware of it, but there’s a “measure” feature in the SMP range page:

with which the length of a path on the map can be measured. Takes a lot of the guess-work out…



Thanks Ed & Rob - scale bar is now back with me - I can conclude my work now on the Czech Tour planned for May 1st - May 8th, and I’ll try out the range feature on the longer walk ins…

73 Phil

Yes Rob, and what you didn’t tell us was once the path length has been calculated using the mouse you can save it as GPX or other format for exportation!


Glad I asked the question or I may not have discovered the export facility for months or even years!



Oh really? Huh, I’d forgotten about that…

Hi Rob,

The Spots dont seem to be working for me at the moment …

73 Andrew G4AFI

OK, got the spots to work again. I finally traced it down to there being a peculiar record being returned by the SOTA API, so had to alter the code to filter that kind of thing out.

The busy man does so much, he forgets he’s done stuff - that’s you! Well done on these great achievements - and thanks for not sitting on your arse Rob (like some of us) and, as a result making life easier for the activators.

73 Phil

Well, that window’s been there some three years at least, so, yes: I forgot about the finer points!