Sotamaps problem? not sure

Hi Guys
I have uploaded all my logs from the European Sota Tour and about to start writing a report and noticed every time I try to look at the Sotamaps activation maps page and load a summit I get this screen?

Is it a fault my end or something that I have logged or a mapping problem?
If anyone know can help please.


It’s the map site. Probably if you try again in 24hrs it will have resolved itself. But I would use the activation mapping feature on the database itself.

As time progresses, functionality from Sotamaps will be moved into the modern web apps we have produced such as the database or summits site directly and eventually Sotamaps will be retired.



You might like to try to upload your activations for that day again - you have in two separate instances faulty records for your QSOs with OE7MPN/P at 07:51z, and with EI6IRB at 11:34z, although if you look at the SOTA Database displays, you would not realize this. Just sayin’…

Cheers, Rob

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