website errors

Trying to access I can get the page to load up, but when I select an Association I get

and also got error

Tried reloading both browsers and get the same…


I’m hitting various SQL errors trying upload my activation logs. Looks like it’s nice and broken. Sending hugops to the folks who make the computers normally stay in line

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The database engine had stopped taking the database API process with it. Both restarted and things look normal but I only had a cursory look.

Cheers, all looks well now and seems more responsive than earlier.

I can’t find any of my March activations on Activations - list and display on map SOTA activations - nor can I find half of Februarys.

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The same here…

Yeah same here it’s been playing up for about 6 months

This is fixed now.

Mid-February is the failure point. That’s not 6 months.


No I had issues last year where it came up with the error in the OP. I commented on it here.

But not the same issue.

Thank you :blush: