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SOTAMaps.org Off Line?

I noticed today that SOTAMaps.org is off line. I was working with it as late as yesterday evening, about 15 hours ago.

Anyone have any information?


Its working for me…

Its working for me…

73 de Pedro, CT1DBS

From the FAQs (link at the top)

Q: I have problem with your website and cannot find something or you website does not appear to be working?

A: Please let us know if you are having problems with any of the on-line services. But first please do some simple debugging. Visit the website http://www.downforeveryoneorjustme.com/ and enter the SOTA website address you are having problems with. This will help you find out if the problem is with our equipment or your equipment. If it does seem that there is a problem please contact us but make sure you include the full URL of the SOTA website you are having problems with as this will help us pinpoint problems quicker.

So check if it’s you first. Also you should note that the kind of hosting we buy (and by inferrence Rob at SOTA maps) is not guaranteed to be a six 9’s service for reliability. There will be short outages on a regular basis.

There is an active distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack on the DNS system right now. A lot of sites are not answering, like Twitter.

It also appears to target some monitoring sites, which is making it hard to fight.

Our company is working on outages in monitoring, authentication, and payments.

I can get to Twitter from my iPhone app but not over the web. If you can access it, search for “ddos” and you should get some updates.


It’s back up and running fine. Let me take this opportunity to publicly thank those responsible for creating & maintaining this invaluable asset. I use it very often in planning SOTA Activation outings.
73, Mark, K7MAS

Hi Mark, all,

It appears that the server hosting sotamaps was indeed offline for a short period yesterday evening. From my own home-rolled charting app for SMP admins, one can see that the site was unavailable for a period of just 10 minutes at about 23:00 UTC; here’s a snapshot of the chart showing the last eight hours:

and here one for the last seven days:

As can be seen from the chart and from the text fields above it, the server is not doing so badly…

…so 99.79% (it varies) is quite good going for a website running on a shared server.


I’ve been notified of that too. A wide swathe of the Web affected.

I agree. The fact you can get that level of reliability on ordinary shared hosting is excellent. I’ve never bothered computing the uptime availability for the DB. If there’s no flood of emails then it’s probably working :wink:

There appears to be a problem with the server hosting sotamaps - I’m trying to get this sorted. Please bear with me…

OK, sorted now. Fingers crossed…

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Looks fine here in GW land. Thanks.