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SOTAMaps issue

There appears to be an issue with the existing sotamaps server. This is not server side but on the older hosting site, who appear to have hijacked the DNS entry to point back to their host. Rob and I are working on it as we speak.

This should now be resolved, however there may be some delays as the changes back work their way through DNS.

Hello, the upload track feature does not work! i will try in the next few days.
about the issue: when telling in the box the file, nothing happens, but when i drag ans drop the file on the map, the process is ok and then there is no “image code” even if i click “refresh” button. So just able to cancel.
73 Gerald F6HBI

I’ll look into this when I get back home this evening


Hi Gerald, I’ve fixed this now - please try again to upload a track.


Hello Rob,
It is OK now; thanks for the job.
Gerald F6HBI

OK, Gerald, good to know it works out there too!

73, Rob

Rather than start another thread I’ll post this here:

As of a few days ago, I’ve had a problem with sotamaps while using chrome on a mac. I’ve reproduced it on three machines. It also manifests when using an incognito window. On the landing page, the association dropdown is empty. If I go to an association ref page and click on the “sota map” link, it works correctly and the whole association is displayed on the map. The association dropdown is also populated correctly. If, however, I pick another association, it will not switch to it.

Newest Chrome on all three machines: 64.0.3282.167.

On all three machines, the pages works correctly on Safari.

Let me know if I can provide more details.


OK Joe, thanks for the heads-up - I’m looking into it.

We appear to be having a few issues with DNS from bluehost as we go through the process of transferring the DNS registration away from them. This should resolve itself as DNS is updated over the next day or so.

Yep, seeing a ‘certificate error’ and a domain holding page here too.

Just when I wanted to check summits near where I’ll be this weekend (north wales) - just my luck! :grin:

Will be taking the tablet anyway, so can check when I’m there, apologies in advance for any short notice Alerts! :slightly_smiling_face::+1: