Sotamaps duplicate logs

Hello Friends

Once again I needed to hit a log. The Activator made a mistake in the callsign and does not include it in the base. Afterwards the Chaser complained.
In SOTADATA I deleted the ADIF and sent another one.
In SOTAMAPS both files appear.
Is it possible to show only the latest update?
This has happened other times.

Activator was PY2TTN, April 1st

Thank you very much,


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Hi Carlos,

The sotamaps database is updated once (maybe twice?) every day from the live data, so it could take a day for the changes to propagate down to the sotamaps site.

Are you sure you deleted the activation in the SOTA database site correctly?

HTH, Rob

Hello ROb,

Yes, I deleted it correctly, by the only way: Submit Logs, Manage Uploads


Hi Carlos,

Try this and you will be happy ! no duplicate on Sotlas (you had to be registered first)


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