Sotamaps and GPX upload fail

Hello everyone. I am trying to upload a new GPX track on Sotamaps, but the system won’t let me, since I can’t fill in the callsign box. The file is apparently accepted, it displays in the map, but I can’t fill in some options in the info box, namely callsign and file name.

I made sure that I was logged in, by exiting and logging back in, but to no avail.

Any thoughts? I really need to update the summit info (CT/DL-015), since the access has changed and the old track is no longer valid.


Paulo CT2IWW
SOTA Portugal AM

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It’s best to use the ‘contact SOTA’ form to report things like this. If you want to send me the track I will take a look.

-Josh WU7H


There seems to be a problem with sotamaps and the SOTA SSO login system not working together properly at the moment, since the user’s login callsign is not being displayed in the “logged in callsign” field in the upper right-hand corner of any of the sotamaps pages.

If there were no such problem, and you were logged in properly, the page would know what your callsign is, and would fill in that field in the “Import…” dialog automatically for you.

Andrew @VK3ARR is the one to check this out.

Cheers, Rob

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Thanks all, I went ahead and opened a ticket with the MT.


Paulo, CT2IWW



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