SOTALog Updates

I got some good feedback and bug-reports from various OMs. A new release 2.2 is now available for download. The releases and source code is also available on GitHub ( I will publish future updates in this thread, in order not to create too many new topics.



  • Non-Realtime entry mode (e.g. to enter paper log including UTC after the activation)
    → Configurable in F10 option dialog
  • Added version number to window title


  • Fixed bad band field in ADIF export for 6m QSOs (tnx HB9CBR for reporting)
  • Add RSTS: and RSTR: labels to SOTA-DB comment field only if a RST has actually entered
  • Fixed problem entering special characters in remark field (Windows version only, tnx HB9BCB for reporting)
  • Fixed wrong window title after adding S2S QSO (tnx HB9BCB for reporting)
  • Fixed encoding for international characters in remark field

73, Peter HB9TVK

Hi Peter,
Thanks for the offline entry capability. I was going to ask for it, but somebody beat me to the punch!


[quote=“HB9DST, post:2, topic:11175, full:true”] … I was going to ask for it, but somebody beat me to the punch!

Hi Paul,
That’s how it was, hi.
Let’s be thankful that Peter had a sympathetic ear to implement the offline entry mode.

73, Heinz HB9BCB

Hi Peter,

For those wishing to download the software (Windows, MAC or Linux version), As an alternative to the github reference I find the following URL on your blog has more information:

The / one you gave above, is just, it appears some text files. I presume these are the same as in the v 2.2 zip file?

73 Ed.

Hi Ed,

thanks for the hint! It was actually intended to link to the page you mentioned, however a wrongly configured redirection rule on the web server prevented that. → Fixed. should now work as intended.

vy73, Peter

Hans PB2T provided an update for the name list. It contains now 340 first names for the corresponding call signs. It can be downloaded from the SOTALog page: (see Downloads)

Download using ‘right click’ and ‘save link as…’. Then replace the corresponding ‘names.txt’ in the SOTALog folder (of course if you added your own names, you will have to merge them).

vy73, Peter

There are updates available for the new summit list (many changes in DM and OE) and the SOTA call signs (chasers and activators).

You can use the online-update function (F10) in SOTALog to download the updated lists. Please note:

  • You have to enter an (arbitrary) summit ref first before you can open the configuration/update dialog using F10
  • SOTALog will exit after the update
  • Obviously, the log computer needs an internet connection

vy73, Peter

Hi Peter,
The update went fine but for me SotaLog did not exit - it was back at the screen where I pressed F10 (i.e. the main screen - which is fine of course).

73 Ed.

Peter thanks for the update. Unfortunately it has failed :worried:
After restart I now get error message below after entering summit details.

This is on the Pandora.

I expect I’ll have to reinstall the original unless you can provide the original summits.thm file which I think is where it hangs.

Not a bug request, but is it possible to format the csv output file to contain a single contact per row?
At the moment the output looks like this with 2 contacts per row:

Whilst this is not an issue, I often have to do some minor editing to my CSV before uploading, For instance, I use the single entry RST mode. Whilst this is brilliant 95% of the time, it doesn’t cater for the reports I get like 549, 539, 529 etc! I therefore have to make a note in the comments and modify the file later.
This is made much easier when the file looks like this (after adding newline after each entry)!

Any chance this could be the default?

two more issues :smile:
Could you add 60m band option?
Is it possible to start a new activation without having to exit SOtaLog and restarting?


Ah you sure you don’t need to tell your editor to use proper line termination i.e. Unix mode not Windows mode.

For the non-programmers:
Unix ends a line text in a file with a newline or \n character.
Windows/DOS ends a line of text with carriage return then newline \r\n
When you edit files from one system on another you get double spaced files or all lines jumbled together.

It has been like this since I started computing. But that is the great thing about standards, there are so many you pick the one you like and tell everyone else to get in step! :smiley:


The updated version is not giving that error for me on my Windows 10 laptop. Perhaps the update was interupted Pete - will the program allow you to update again?

I’m presuming you got the following message after the updates:

73 Ed.

Hi Pete,

I just tested it on my pandora and ran into the same problem. It seems I was too optimistic about the download time because I set a timeout limit of 30 seconds. This is not a problem for normal PCs/Macs, however the Pandora is a bit on the slow side and terminates the download prematurely after 30 seconds.

As a quick workaround, you can patch the sotalog.tcl file by opening it with a text editor, then search for “timeout 30000” and replace it with “timeout 120000” (there are two places to do that). After that do the update again and you should be fine.

I will nevertheless provide an updated complete version shortly, with the timeout fixed and the new summit list included.

Sorry for hickup, and vy73,


PS: About the CSV editing: Andy is right, this is a classical Windows- vs Linux-Style line ending issue. There are better editors for windows that automatically detect the line ending and display the content correctly. I can recommend very much notepad++ (, it’s free and a great replacement for the windows built-in notepad editor.

New Release SOTALog 2.2.1

I released a minor update version of SOTALog. Get it from my home page or GitHub.




  • Updated summit list, call sign list and first-name list


  • Truncate long summit names to 32 characters in order to avoid layout
  • Increase timeout for online-update of the summit list for slow devices / internet connections

73, Peter HB9TVK

PS: I installed SOTALog on a Raspberry Pi and put it in a box togeder with a MTR5b rig: Go Box for MTR-5B | HB9TVK SOTA

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You learn something new everyday!
Thanks I should have known that :frowning:

All sorted using a proper editor!

All working again Peter, many thanks. SOTALog has made logging a real pleasure and saves a huge amount of time transcribing paper logs :smile:

That is quite brilliant! Love it.
Love the trapped EFHW too, i’m just building one of those too.


New Release SOTALog 2.2.2

I released a minor update version of SOTALog. Get it from my home page or GitHub.




  • Replaced 6m band by 60m (due to higher popularity of the latter)
  • Show progress bar while downloading/updating summit list in configuration menu (F10)
  • Updated summit list, call sign list from SOTA database (includes new FL association)
  • Updated first name list (names.txt) provided by Hans PB2T (tnx Hans!)


  • Further increase timeout for online-update of the summit list for slow devices / internet connections
  • Found workaround for problem with running under MacOS-X Sierra (10.12.x)

MacOS-X Sierra: If you encounter problems when trying to run SOTALog under MacOS-X Sierra (error message: could not open /private/var/folders/….), perform the following steps:

  • Open Terminal window
  • Change directory to the place where you unpacked
  • Run the following command: xattr -r -c SOTALog-2.2.2

After that, SOTALog should run fine.

vy73, Peter HB9TVK

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Thanks for the special attention you gave to the MacOS Sierra problem. SOTALog now runs fine on the MacBook.

73, Hans PB2T