Sotadata3 - Error in last activation list showing wrong date

Hello friends
I uploaded PU1JAH’s log today and the logs page says May 3rd. But the correct one is May 4th.
Looking at the log, it is correct.
The main page of activation logs is wrong.
see sample


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Hello Carlos,

For your information: I have renamed your post (and removed the capital letters) and moved it to the database reflector.
( Btw writing in capital letters in a chat of forum means shouting at someone (in internet terms). )

Looks like another point were the time-zone conversion is not working or is applied.
It is shown correctly here: Sotadata3

It is something Andrew @VK3ARR will need to investigate.

73 Joe, OE5JFE

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This is fixed.

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Thanks friend


Hi Andrew.
Here the same thing continues.
When placing the mouse over Pico, the correct address appears, but when clicking, it goes to Statistics.

I already cleared cache. No success.


Hi Carlos,

Can you give me some more context here? What page are you on when you click on the link, what link are you trying to click?

I would say 99% of bugs that will appear on SOTAData will not be impacted by cache clearing (since we use the cache sparingly and usually in well-tested code that’s been functioning fine for years). I appreciate the troubleshooting effort, however!


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Hello Andrew

In SOTAWATCH3 I saw SUMMIT. When I click on the summit, the site points to (example):

But when clicking, instead of sending to Sotadata3, it goes to My Stats.