SOTAData Planned Outage 0400 UTC 06 Mar 2021

We will have a brief outage tomorrow at 0400 UTC, again approximately 5 minutes in length, in order to enable a new certificate for TLS communications between the API and the database server, which in turn is necessary to enable some API changes to improve future development.

We have tested the process to enable this in our development environment successfully, and if for some reason it does not go smoothly, it is a very quick rollback process, so I am confident this outage will be less than the 5 minutes stated.

0400 seems to be the best time based on current alerts. If it is necessary to shift due to APAC activations, I will notify accordingly.


Starting shortly

Finished in about 30 seconds…


Thank you for your efforts.

This explains the unusual error seen yesterday while trying to post a spot via VK port-a-log
"Login failed for user ‘sotadata_data’. Reason: Server is in script upgrade mode. Only administrator can connect at this time."