SOTAData Planned Outage 0000 UTC 11 Feb 2021

Just a heads up that I will be patching our database and underlying server tomorrow at 0000 UTC, and I expect an outage of approximately 5 minutes. As the database itself will be down briefly in this time, this will have flow on impacts on other services that use the API, such as SOTAWatch3, summits.sota and aspects of other systems.

If everything goes smoothly, this should be completed in under a minute, but we’re dealing with IT, so it’s unlikely to :smiley:


Thanks for all of your hard work and dedication.
Hopefully everything goes as planned.
For me, every quick repair job is one broken bolt away from becoming an all day ordeal.

73 Gary

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Not going smoothly, after the reboot the database container won’t restart :confused:

Working on it.


All good mate, thank you for the update and effort!

And we’re back. Problem ultimately was an iptables rule dropping networking :frowning:


Not sure if it is related but I got a strange error when trying to upload my latest summit log. Picture attached.


Thanks mate!

Was this between 0000 UTC and the comment that I made that the system was back up and running?

No this was about a half hour ago.


Is it working now?


Please note in restoring the service yesterday I intentionally left a storage volume (for backups only) off the database, and will briefly bring the service down now to restore this.

And we should be back.