SOTAdata down notjustme

In case not already known it is not responding and the notjustme site returns same status.

Thanks for its normal reliability. No panic I will check later.

73 Andrew vk1da/vk2uh

Hhmm. Its responding again now.

And the notjustme site is reporting a log error.

Maybe I should stay at home today?

No reply needed in fact this can be trashed.


They must have been flushing the pipes as I can’t recall it going so fast doing a stats page for a long time!

Anyway, now my heart rate is recovering I shall savour my glass of 12yr old Aberlour.

Sorry to have put your evening entertainment at risk.

The site responds fine but the menu doesn’t work on this tablet. Might take the advice if the IT crowd and turn it off and on.

The Aberlour is doing fine and the evening has got better since a) the DB is working and b) I’ve finally found the contact info for a friend from school that I lost touch with when we all went to university. Email sent, and I’ll find out what he’s been doing for the last 35 years!

Ah, there’s a way to make them work but I can’t remember it. It’s in the archives if you fancy searching about.

I will look. This site has a decent search facility.

Thanks Andy.

Possibly press Control+F5 in the browser window ?

73 Ed.

It’s a press and hold manoeuvre, like raising and lowering one hand above your head while simultaneously circling your abdomen with the other hand. Needs practice but by holding everything just so, it works.