Sotadata (database) Website down

In case others haven’t realised, it appears the webpage that hosts the database (logging, search for a summit, look at results), is currently not responding - it looks like the server is down.

73 Ed.

Thanks Ed.

The server has software issues and the hosts are working on it. I don’t know if we have 24hr support or if the support guys at the hosts work 24hrs. So maybe they are working now or maybe nothing will happen until UK office hours (9.00-17.00).

There is nothing anyone can do but be patient and wait. I know the temptation is to try just in case but you are most likely just wasting your time. So please sit tight.

I’m going to lock this thread now at 00:10 25-jan. I will post a Database working message when it’s working again.

But please, just wait till it’s fixed.

The good news…

The hosts are working on recovery our server as fast as possible.

The bad news…

It wont be up today.

I will post updates as I know them.

THIS IS IMPORTANT HOWEVER… you may see the DB come back up and you may be able to update your logs. DO NOT DO THIS. We will be restoring a specific DB backup that may overwrite changes made after 25-jan. DO NOT UPDATE LOGS until you see the message on here saying it is OK to do so.

DB manger


Restoration is going very well and is further on than I expected. I think our hosts are deliberately trying to keep expectations down! It’s not complete yet, there is no data in the database, but everything else is in place.

Let me remind everyone that until you see a message telling you the database is open, please do not try to use it.


Latest update.

The database may appear to be working at present but YOU MUST NOT ENTER ANY LOGS.

The hardware is working well enough that spots and alerts are working fine and you can use them if you want.

Our website is being migrated to new hardware (along with other client sites) and at some unknown point the old server will be decommisioned. Further updates to follow.

Remember, YOU MUST NOT ENTER ANY LOGS as they may not make it to the new server.

DB manager


The new database server has been setup and is working. However, this required DNS changes (the address book that says which IP address has DNS changes take time to propagate around the internet and the normal figure quoted is 24-48hrs. In many cases it is quicker than that. So it is now a case of waiting for this to happen.

There may be a period when spots and alerts misbehave but the fix is in hand for that.