SOTABOX III: Fast and Light

When it comes to STOA radio gear, I am focused on lightweight and fast deployment, I want to be able to finish stetting up the equipment within two minutes after arriving the summit, and I always begin my activation on FT8, and after four QSOs I switch to phone SSB.
My SOTABOX III is based on the Discovery TX-500, Digirig Mobile, housed in a plastic ammo box with a Raspberry PI and an 8AH LiFEPO battery. The whole system weight 6 lbs including the telescopic antenna.

On the top of the box sits a manual antenna tuner, nothing fancy, just a typical LC matching circuitry.

Battery, Raspberry PI and Digirig Mobile:

The battery outputs 12V and 5V at the same time, powering the transceiver and the PI simultaneously.

Completed setup, the PI is controlled via VNC, so that I can do FT8 on my cellphone:

Video of setting up on youtube.


Neat :innocent:

Have you ever tried taking that on a flight?


I haven’t due to all kind of travel restrictions.
When I do I think I will take everything out, carry the gears and battery on and check the box and the tidied wires in.

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