SOTABeams Linked Dipole Clips

My December 2006 vintage 60m / 40m / 30m link dipole still sports these. Not had one break or failure of any kind at the links in almost 14 years of use! Pride comes before a fall… :grinning:


Curiously - I have never had a failure where the wires are tied to the plastic links. This tie-point is subject to a lot of stress when it is windy, and it doesn’t have any shrink wrap or strain relief - yet it works great. My failures are almost exclusively on the clips themselves, which don’t have any acting load whatsoever.

Rob - AE7AP


I agree with Rob AE7AP my SOTA beams antennas have never broken at the wire only the clips. I suspect the damage is done during the erecting stage of putting up the antenna in an environment of sticks rocks and snags from all sorts. Link dipole is still the best antenna from my experience so worth keeping them in working order and be patient and aware when putting them up.
vk5cz …


My solution: - WAGO 221

73 de Rumen/LZ2AF