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SOTAbeams antenna tester

Hello guys and girls. I thought i would ask about using this new system as a beacon. How does this apply to the U.K novice, intermediate and advanced licencing conditions? I hope this can be informative for everyone and not a slanging match! Thanks Matt M0IAW

The tester is a simple one piece wspr transmitter. Like ultimate3s for example

Edit out the misinformation (I also believe that even full uk license cannot oparate without being near the transmitter)

Err… no you can conduct “unattended operation” just fine within the terms of your licence and in line with any band limitations published in schedule 2 of the licence terms document.

10(1) The Licensee may conduct Unattended Operation of Radio Equipment provided that any such operation is consistent with the terms of this Licence. Additional restrictions which apply to the Unattended Operation of Beacons are specified in Schedule 2 to this Licence.

73 Marc G0AZS


Sorry for the misinformation!

I think this system is a pretty neat idea, and Richard and his team deserve a lot of credit for putting it all together.


Many thanks Rob. Professor Joe Taylor has been very enthusiastic about our development. When a Nobel Laureate gives you praise, it’s just possible that you might be heading in the right direction? From a SOTA perspective DXplorer.net gives an experimenter the tools needed to answer that old question of which is the best antenna for use on a hilltop.

I will shortly be describing how a proper experiment could be carried out in the hope that someone might actually do it.


Hi Richard,

It looks like a neat piece of gear. I see you sold out shortly after my order went in.

There are other ways i would prefer to test antennas but when it comes to propagation testing then it cannot be bettered. I’d like to be able to run one on 630 m and another on 6 m, (not yet included as standard) but initially will start with 30 m, the forgotten dx band.

Nice job.