Sotabeams 10m pole + antenna - where to guy it?


It’s a bit of a bodge but I have a 10m sotabeams pole cut down to about 5.5m, with a comet GP15 stuck in the end. This sits on top of a 40mm (metal) mast which is tied to a tree. This is a semi-permanent installation.

Should I guy it at the base of the antenna, or lower down?

As it is (unguyed) it swings a bit in the wind but doesn’t seem too upset, I just wonder what happens if the wind really blows!

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I think that these types of poles are not suitable for permanent installation. They are too weak for that.

First of all, I would secure the transitions of the individual elements against slipping in… otherwise you run the risk of everything collapsing.

If you tie the pole at the base of the antenna, you might have a chance, but it might break right there.

The antenna is quite heavy and has a wind load and a lever.

In germany, the customary length of metal rods is 6m… I think that would be a better alternative. Or you can take a military fibreglass mast (ebay?) to put together and guy. They are also stable.

73 Armin

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I haven’t heard the word bodge for 75 years, when me grampapa, who was a Londoner, used it.



I use it every time I got to repair my Land Rover. Or do DIY. And especially when I build something for amateur radio :wink:

Thanks for the info.

It’s been up for several months without incident, but I wondered if guying it would increase its lifespan!

Antenna is only about 1.5kgs but it is 2.4m long so probably a reasonable wind loading on it!


Try using jubilee clips to stop it eventually collapsing. Sleeve them in rubber or polythene tube first to protect the mast.

As for guying, you can do low down, high up or even both if you want to be sure. You can make guy rings from bits of plastic chopping board, using a hole saw very slowly to cut the plastic. If you go too fast the plastic will melt and re-seal itself around your cut.


Cheers - I’ve got enough guy rope lying around for one 3 way line so I will try mid to 3/4 up and see if that tames it a bit!


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